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Clients We Serve

Alan Biller founded the firm in 1982 to provide strategic investment consulting services to US institutional investors.

The firm has been advising institutional investors since 1983, providing non-discretionary fiduciary investment consulting services to institutional plans since 1986, serving defined contribution plans since 1996, and serving as a discretionary fiduciary manager since 2006. Our professionals are committed to delivering the highest quality traditional and discretionary investment consulting in a fiduciary capacity to US institutional investors.

Taft-Hartley / Multi-employer plans

Our firm has been deeply committed to the provision of fiduciary consulting services to multi-employer plans for four decades. We are the largest independent OCIO provider to Taft-Hartley plans (by assets). Our research team and consulting practice has a specific focus on investments and solutions particular to multi-employer funds. We partner with the plan's trustees, administrator, actuary, attorneys and auditor to produce optimal outcomes for plan participants. Our experience working with multi-employer plans of every type, size and complexity offers both labor and management trustees access to skilled investment insight and the highest quality client service.


Defined Contribution

Plan sponsors hire us as a non-discretionary consultant to advise them on decisions about increasingly complex investments. We present recommendations to improve the overall quality of defined contribution plans for the benefit of plan participants. We will help defined contribution plan trustees with evaluating the attributes of participant fee structures, conducting recordkeeper searches, providing guidance on plan features (auto enrollment, auto escalation, retirement income), and evaluating custom funds (e.g., custom target date and glide-path design).


Public plans

Combining our experience with jointly trusteed plans and acumen as a discretionary advisor, we support the paramount objective of portfolio efficiency by both understanding the drivers of performance and ruthlessly pursuing cost reduction. While many firms’ research efforts are forcibly spread over a large list of managers, our focused “Preferred List” approach streamlines our processes. In addition to defined benefit plan structures, we also service other public-sponsored funds such as retiree health & welfare funds and specialized public trusts with particular investment horizons, purposes and risk profiles.

Non-profit and supplemental benefit funds

Whether mission-driven funds, scholarship funds, post-retirement benefits, insurance funds, healthcare pools, endowments or foundations, we do believe that every plan has unique circumstances and must be individually evaluated. For each client, we help develop investment policies, conduct asset allocation studies, assess all-in fees and costs, review money managers, and provide operational support. Funds also hire us to conduct independent reviews of investment programs, specific asset class analyses, money manager due diligence, or cash flow and liability analyses. We work with clients to develop target asset allocations which are appropriate to their return objectives. 


Corporate plans

We work with corporate defined benefit and defined contribution plans as a non-discretionary consultant or OCIO to address their distinct investment needs. Defined benefit plans may adopt an LDI approach to de-risk, improve funded status and reduce financial statement impact. Plan sponsors can feel confident working with a fiduciary adviser that combines an open architecture investment platform with the practical asset allocation approach of one of the nation’s largest defined benefit OCIO providers.

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