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Alan Biller and Associates

provides independent and objective
fiduciary investment consulting
services to US institutional investors.



Since 1982, Alan Biller and Associates has operated as an employee-owned firm focused exclusively on investment consulting. Today, we are one of the largest discretionary consultants in the United States. For each of our clients, our seasoned professionals bring fiduciary responsibility, strategic risk oversight, an informed perspective, straightforward communication, and impeccable execution. We can act in both a traditional and discretionary (Outsourced CIO, or OCIO) consulting capacity.

As a non-discretionary consultant we:


  • Advise on investment and asset allocation policies

  • Conduct manager searches

  • Negotiate manager contracts and fees

  • Draft account investment guidelines

  • Monitor managers over time

  • Provide comprehensive performance reporting

  • Provide client education

As a discretionary OCIO, we may also:


  • Determine investment and asset allocation policies

  • Rebalance portfolios

  • Appoint, retain and remove managers

  • Execute contracts and agreements

Some commonly asked questions:

Q. How are you compensated?
A. We receive revenue only from our clients. We have no sponsored investment products nor do we engage in self-dealing. Our interests are aligned with our clients. 

Q. What is the firm's mission?
A. Our mission is to help clients meet their investment objectives through honest, independent advice and the operational support needed to manage complex investments.

Q. What are the firm's competitive strengths?
A. Our targeted focus, talented staff, analytical acumen, and objective independence. We are adept at helping clients clarify their decision-making by applying our expertise to novel and difficult problems.

Q. Is the firm registered with the SEC?

A. Yes. Please see our firm’s current Form ADV.

Q. Does the firm accept fiduciary responsibility?
A. Yes. We are a fiduciary for all of our retainer clients.


Clients We Serve

Alan Biller founded the firm in 1982 to provide strategic investment consulting services to US institutional investors. To this day, institutional investment consulting is our only business.



(650) 328-7283



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